Chasing dreams – and Betspawn Ad!

I had a dream a few years back, I wanted to start a new watch brand for two reasons. First reason was to be the creator and design it exactly the way I want it. Second reason that intrigued me was the possibility to disrupt the industry with a new watch affordable for everyone.


Growing a company from start is not easy

2011 I started up my company, and it was a tuff year. A lot to do, and it didn’t really go as I wanted it. But I was so happy with the design and started rethink how I could reach out to people, I new it was a hit so it never was a question whether people liked it or not, it was only the fact that I didn’t reach out to enough customers.

Luckily I had quite a big network in the night life of London, so I knew a lot of successful people. So I gave a lot of them my watch, the only thing I asked was that they use them. Fortunately, they all have a lot of followers on their social media channels so when they took pictures and tagged my company in their pictures, I got a good boost.


Life changing journey

Shortly after I changed my whole marketing structure towards influencers. I contacted people I thought my brand associate itself with, and contacted them with different deals. And from that moment, my journey totally changed.


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Follow your dream

From the start until today my company has almost grown 5 times each year. Its been a hell of a journey, a lot of work, but so fun! I couldn’t do this without my staff of course, but this is probably one of the best things I have ever done. For all the entrepreneurs out there wishing to follow their dreams, I say do it. Its not easy, if it was easy everyone would do it. Make sure to have a clear plan, think threw all aspects and if you still think it is a great idea, then go for it. If starting a company is something that interests you, look up this site for good tips and tricks.